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About Cindy

Stylist | Cindy Farrow | Fashion Desiger

 Hi my name is Cindy Farrow and I’m the owner of RazzmaTahj Boutique. I have been in the fashion industry for over 15 + yrs. I always had a passion and a desire for designing and dressing other people. With a discerning eye and love for fashion developed at a young age. Right then I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry. Working behind the scene in the corporate world I had the opportunity to learn just about everything about fashion and customer service.

RazzmaTahj Boutique is a designer Bouquet clothing store. That has a unique, and exquisite, and elegant style for the young and contemporary women. With sensual styles sleek dresses. Our fashion assortment will compliment virtually every facet of our customer’s lifestyle. My designed differentiates me from our competitor’s.  My styles are bold, and sassy, soft and full of color with a hint of urban.  My Plans are to attract customers from all walks of life that are intrigued by the playful sensual and evocative imagery of lifestyle. I seek to create an upscale, warm inviting boutique environment that further enhances the Razzmatajh brand, and build customer loyalty. My focus is on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust, and commitment. Customers come first. I provide for my team is knowledge of customers and how they shall serve them and making them feel right at home. I created a warm and cozy, inviting atmosphere. I want customers to be relaxed when they come to shop at my store. I have the love and the passionate, skills for high fashion. I’m knowledgeable, dependable, very professional and organized. Wearing my designed will make you feel comfortable, and vibrant. Feeling good about you .This is one of the reasons that I started this company. I wanted to bring something to this world that is different and full of life and love, put a smile on customer’s faces. What God put in me I will let my light shine? The beauty of love comes in all kinds of colors and shapes. Inspiration is found where beauty dwells.

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